Top Five Movies: LA Story

Steve Martin's LA Story is one of my top five favorite movies of all time. Martin spent seven years polishing the script, and it shows; the film is as perfect as a film can be. It doesn't seem to contain a single wrong note.

The film stars Steve Martin, Victoria Tennent, Richard E. Grant... and a freeway "conditions ahead" sign that's always wanted to play the bagpipes.

Note that the purpose of the Favorites series is not to describe the plot or "review" the movie. You can find the plot described elsewhere, and no doubt plenty of reviews exist. (I've included some relevant links below.) The purpose of the series is to try to describe why this is a favorite.

Steve Martin

First, the movie was written by Steve Martin and stars Steve Martin. I've always liked Steve Martin, so I'm naturally inclined to like the movie.

Martin worked on the script for seven years.

Los Angeles

One thing is true: it does help to have lived in Los Angeles to fully appreciate all the little quirks and observations of the film.