Defending America

from a JAG episode

Prosecutor: Who are you?

Ever since our founding, America has been a symbol of hope for the World. And we remain so today. We accept our responsibility—which all civilized nations should—to fight against oppression and tryanny.

But when we fight, we don't fight for land or oil or money or to impose our will. We take up arms against violent men who threaten our freedom and the freedom of others.

I commend your lofty goal of saving the world, but some might say the hundreds of Iraqi civilians you killed is nothing short of evil.

The unintentional deaths of civilians is a tragic consequence of war. The purposeful slaughter of American civilians, followed in the Middle East by jubulant dancing in the streets—that is evil.

Did the world ask you to be its savior?

In 1917, in 1941 and throughout the 40 years of the cold war the world asked us for help. And we gave it.

But now the war on Terror has begun. And we can't wait to be asked. We must do what has to be done.

So you feel free to attack any nation of which you disapprove?

If that nation posses an imminent threat, we reserve the right to use military force to protect ourselves.

IIRC, it was the Secretary of Navy (Dean Stockwell) testifying in an Iraqi court.