The Enterprise — NCC 1701

I built a spaceship! A famous spaceship!

The wallpaper glamour shot!
(HD format, 1920x1080)

How do you like my new ride?

a fantasy about a certain place I used to know

a matte version for photoshopping

the POV file default view


Orthographic View: Top

Orthographic View: Bottom

Orthographic View: Front

Orthographic View: Back

Orthographic View: Starboard

Orthographic View: Port

from port side

in front, below

in front, above

in front, way below

behind, between nacelles

close up: bridge & nacelles

close up: lower saucer sensor

close up: deflector dish array

shuttle bay doors (from above and port)

shuttle bay doors (from below and starbrd)

beauty shot: saucer top

study of the saucer section

looking at the open shuttle bay doors

main hull cutaway – orthographic view

study of the main hull assembly

close up looking into the shuttle bay

study of the nacelle(s)

nacelle close up – oblique view, back

nacelle close up – oblique view, front

deflector dish assembly

deflector dish cutaway – orthographic view

deflector dish cutaway – oblique view, front

deflector dish cutaway – oblique view, back

deflector dish 4-way view

4-way view of Earth

4-way view of Moon