Web Color Cube Slices

The 6x6x6 Web Color Cube can be sliced into six 6x6 layers along any of its three axes. The images below show all three slicings. Each axis is one of the primary colors: red, green or blue.

In all three images, the six slices have the same mix of the two non-axis colors. For example, in the red axis image (left), each of the six slices show the same 36 combinations of green and blue. (These come from six possible green values times six possible blue values; 6x6 equals 36.) As the slices progress (left to right, top to bottom) there is more and more red in the slice. The upper left slice has zero red — the lower right slice has max red.

The same description applies to the other two, except with different colors. The green image (middle) features combinations of red and blue with increasing amounts of green. The blue image (right) has combinations of red and green with increasing blue.

Red Axis Slices Green Axis Slices Blue Axis Slices
[Legal Colors; Red Based] [Legal Colors; Green Based] [Legal Colors; Blue Based]